Maryland State Trapshooting Hall of Fame

The Maryland Trapshooting Hall of Fame began in 2019 and strives to preserve the history of the sport and the legacy of those who contributed to it, either in service or trapshooting excellence. Plaques are displayed at the MSSA Homegrounds. 

The nomination form can be found here.

Donations (artifacts or monetary), nominations, and questions can be sent to:

Ray Hughes Jr., Maryland State Trapshooting Hall of Fame Director

3123 Copenhaver Road

Street, MD 21154

(717) 858 - 7075

Marjorie Smith *

Marjorie Smith joins her husband Robert, who was inducted into the Maryland State Trapshooting Hall of Fame in 2019. Marjorie was the first woman to be the president of a state trapshooting association when she started her first of two terms as MSSA President in 1959. She also served as MSSA Treasurer for two years. In the early 1970s, Marjorie was asked to join the ATA Hall of Fame and Museum Historical Committee and was later appointed the Museum Director in 1976. She remained in that role for more than two decades and was inducted into the ATA Hall of Fame in 1998. Marjorie was also an accomplished trapshooter, starting the sport in 1951 and winning the Maryland State Ladies' Championship in 1952. She added four more Maryland Ladies' Championships through the 1950s and the 1956 Eastern Zone Ladies' Title as well as the other trophies throughout the mid-atlantic region and the Grand American. Marjorie was also named to the 1960 and 1961 All-American Ladies' Teams. Marjorie's many accomplishments have been recognized in both "Who's Who in America" and "Who's Who in American Women".

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Gene Kopp

Eugene "Gene" Kopp began trapshooting in 1966 and registered his first ATA targets in 1967. When he stopped registering targets in 2013, Gene had accumulated 210,150 targets. Gene won his first Maryland State All Around Championship in 1981 and repeated that the following two years. He won a total of eleven Maryland state championships, including one singles, one veteran, four doubles, and five all-around. He al won numerous trophies in neighboring states including the Open DC Handicap Champion trophy with a 99 x 100. Gene achieved  AA-27-AA status in 1982. He remains an active member of the Baltimore County Fish & Game Club, which he joined 55 years ago. 

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Jerry Phillips

Jerry Phillips first registered targets in 1975 and quickly established himself as a strong competitor by breaking his first 100 and 200 straight that summer. In 1976. he first achieved AA singles and by 1977 he reached the 27-yard line. Jerry achieved his Grand Slam in 1992 and was later recognized for AAA-27-AAA status. During his shooting career, Jerry won ten Maryland State Championships, six Eastern Zone Championships, over twenty-five Grand American and Satellite Grand American trophies, and was a four-time All American. At the Silver Dollar Gun Club, Jerry accomplished the rare feat of breaking 100 singles, 100 handicap, and 100 doubles in the same day. In addition to the impressive shooting accomplishments, Jerry's induction into the Maryland State Trapshooting Hall of Fame could also have resulted from his service to the state. he served as the MSSA President in 1984, followed by his twenty years of service as the Treasurer from 1998 until 2007. He was instrumental in the purchase of the MSSA Home Grounds and has financially supported many state efforts throughout the decades. In 1989, Jerry began manufacturing custom shotguns by founding Silver Seitz and started production in Maryland. At the time of Jerry's last registered competition in 2013, he had accumulated 546,750 targets. 

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Joanna Hughes

Joanna Hughes first began ATA shooting in 1992 after a decade of spectating with her husband and children. After shooting for two years, she lost vision in her right eye which forced her to make a decision regarding her shooting career. Rather than retire from shooting at the age of 53, she adopted an offset rib and later an offset scope, both of which allowed her to continue trapshooting and win trophies throughout Maryland, neighboring states, the Eastern Zone, and the Grand American. Her tenacity is inspirational to other trapshooters, including switching to left-handed shooting in recent years. In 2000, Joanna became the Secretary of the MSSA and held that position for twenty years. During her two decades of service, she spent countless hours supporting gun clubs throughout the state as well as MSSA tournaments. She has often said that her greatest enjoyment has been as the matriarch of a trapshooting family that spans three generations. She remains active today and as of the beginning of the 2021 shooting season has registered over 121,000 targets. 

Robert Smith *

Robert Smith started his ATA career in 1950 and registered over 267,000 targets when he stopped shooting in 1991. He earned more than 300 trophies while competing in 17 states and provinces and was a two time All American, both as a Veteran and Sr. Veteran. His Maryland championships include four Veteran titles and two Sr. Veteran titles. He registered more than two hundred 100 straights and led Maryland singles averages seven times, including his highest average of 97.87% in 1961. Bob served the ATA for over 30 years, becoming the ATA President in 1956 and later serving as the ATA Treasurer. Some of his major contributions to the ATA include obtaining a long term lease of the ATA shooting grounds from Dayton officials and guaranteeing the continuation of an official ATA publication after the Sportsmen's Review changed ownership and the new Trap And Field evolved. He also worked with the NRA to restore participation of the United States in Olympic trapshooting competition.

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D. Ray Greb

Ray started ATA competition in 1973 and at the time of his induction into the Maryland State Trapshooting Hall of Fame has registered nearly 400,000 targets and is attending his 50th Maryland State Shoot. In addition to his 2002 Maryland Singles Championship, Ray has won numerous trophies at the Grand American, satellite Grand Americans, Eastern Zone, various Mid-Atlantic state shoots, and local tournaments. He has also been a member of the Maryland State Team 22 times and first achieved AA-27-AA recognition in 1989. His service to the sport exceeds his impressive shooting accomplishments, serving as the MSSA President four times, the Maryland Delegate for nearly 25 years, and President of the Carney Rod & Gun Club for 20 years. Ray continues to serve as a member of the ATA Central Handicap Committee, which he has done for over 20 years and was the ATA President in 2007.

* = Deceased